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Export records from search results in acquisitions apps



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      Note: This feature potentially overlaps with other functionality provided by FOLIO tools like the LDP.


      Libraries frequently analyze order information. Allowing users to export order records from their search resutls will allow them to perform ad-hoc analyses and compared data with information from other sources. The report must contain key order data like current encumbered and expended values.

      Use cases:

      1. Librarian is being pressured to change budget numbers. Need to review currently open orders (Standing orders), discuss them with colleagues and make decisions about canceling some. This is managed in a list and potentially shared with a vendor as an excel file. See UXPROD-2318
      2. Librarian is preparing a summary of order information for presentation. To achieve this data is often export so that it can be presented in graphs or other visuals. See UXPROD-2318
      3. Library environments are not plentiful with digital interfaces like Tablets and projectors. Often times teams will print a list of items so they can quickly be reviewed with a group. Also not all staff have permission to see certain areas of the interface. Exporting records allows the exporter to easily filter out data or data points they do not want to share.
      4. Export receiving information to share with a staffer that will actually go out into the library and look for/gather these items. Primarily they would need to know where to look for them and how to identify them. Also whether they have actually been received or not. See UXPROD-3662


      Use the UI only approach to accommodate this functionality within capacity restrictions. Performance with this approach is good enough to support requirements.

      Out of scope:

      Order export split off to UXPROD-2318
      This will not include an ability to import orders via csv file. It is not intended to provide the user an ability to bulk edit orders outside the system and re-upload them.


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