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Inventory. Tenant settings for item list in the top of the instance record



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      Overview: The item list on the Instance record is by now stretching the use of the multi column list (MCL) to it's limits, and more new columns are being suggested; e.g. a new column for copy number (uChicago and Public libraries) - UIIN-1251
      Substitute MCL display with a card display has been considered, but this solution is not on the near term Stripes Force roadmap.

      Goal: Develop a customizable MCL list, where each tenant can configure a
      the customizable view and also having the ability to set order for of the columns.
      The solution will include a way to save the preferences for the display of the item list per tenant.

      Capturing a list of library preferences (libraries in production and round-iv libraries): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UeEi-UqVaH7cdZYQv0NOzYyCYIOJ2dvFI7vzlaJyZoc/edit#slide=id.p

      Out of scope: - but to be considered long term:

      • possibility to set different views for different functional areas (e.g. something similar as teams in Acquisition)
      • possibility to set different views per user

      Other comments:
      At MM-SIG a user defined view was discussed 1/21/2021 - and the feed back and conclusion was that the MM-SIG want to have the long term work implemented, and will not prioritize implementation of a user session defined display

      Slide deck with some mock-ups for the user session defined display:

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