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Load MARC records to create/update various record types, but do not store MARC



    • UXPROD features
    • Use the Q3 2020 functionality of only updating specific fields in the SRS MARC, instead of updating all fields
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      Split from UXPROD-2338 to decrease scope; partial workaround: use new option to only update specific MARC fields in SRS

      Purpose: To import data for Inventory or Acquisitions via a MARC record, but then do not save the MARC record in SRS

      Sample use cases:

      • MARC Bib or Holdings creates related inventory record, but library does not want SRS (so Inventory Source = FOLIO, not MARC)
      • Brief MARC Bib supplies order or invoice data, but should not overlay a richer MARC SRS record

      As a staff person working with imported files
      I want to be able to specify whether an incoming MARC record should be saved in SRS or not
      So that I can discard MARC records that are used for transport purposes only

      From 9/23/20 Folijet grooming mtg:

      • In SRS, when try to use update or modify action in job profile; imported records saved in SRS, but no link to instance or original record
        • Job 1: modify, then create instance – all is fine
        • Job 2: Match MARC-MARC (so there is already an SRS), then update MARC – incoming record just has a few fields harvested to update the existing MARC, but does not have any links to an Instance; does it make sense to save to SRS?
        • Should we make explicit that the incoming record is saved or not?
        • Incoming record should not be linked to the instance
        • That’s how it’s working now
        • Revisit when we implement “Do not save MARC”

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