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Delivery Fulfillment Service Point Phase 2 - Collect DFSP in the User's Address(es)



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      DFSP = Delivery fulfillment service point


      Delivery requests were originally implemented in Q4 2019 such that, when a delivery request is at the top of the queue and the requested item is checked in at any service point, FOLIO will attempt to begin the fulfillment process (i.e. check the item out to the requester). This is a challenge because some SPs (for example remote storage service points) are not set up to do delivery. To address this issue, the RA SIG has agreed on a design which is being broken down into two parts. This UXPROD represents the second part. See deck for full context and design: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QQMjephCPdrt6UQsR5MbRSDv1BwOSIRzM5VcIMEuUSs/edit#slide=id.g8f2aaa41d7_1_14

      Proposed feature:

      Phase 1 (UXPROD-2429):

      • Enable users to specify at the SP whether the SP is a DFSP or not
      • If the SP is not a DFSP, require users to specify an alternate DSFP
      • When an item is checked in at a SP that is not a DFSP, FOLIO will route the item to the alternate DFSP for delivery request fulfillment

      Phase 2 (this UXPROD):

      • Enable the capture of DFSP in the user's address
      • If an item is checked in, FOLIO checks the delivery request and then follows this logic (in this order):
        1. Is there a DFSP associated with the delivery address? If so, use that.
        2. Is the SP a DFSP = Y? If so, use it.
        3. Is the SP a DFSP = N? If so, use the Alternate/Backup DFSP
        4. If no Alternate DFSP is specified, fail check in
          • Error message: Item with delivery request can't be checked in at this service point. An alternate delivery fulfillment service point must be specified in Settings.

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