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User defined fields localization | MultiLingual FOLIO - Modules Policies Names are of a Singular Language Structure



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      Hello مرحبا

      Since mid of nineties, it has been a custom to experience the multi-linguality of localized global ILSs coming to the GCC region, not only at the UI menus, drop down lists, screens, dialog boxes, help and manual text, but also at the policies names and descriptions as well. This means in a multicultural environment like ours, where the same ILS system serves students from Arab countries along with students from other non-Arabic speaking countries, like India, in the same school, the ILS must provide the UI fully in Arabic and fully in English, including library-defined policies names like those defining item types, branch libraries names, patron groups, etc.

      With the RTL enabled FOLIO system we have for testing, I've translated the Patron Groups names description to Arabic in Users Module Setting:

      Then, when using the Users module, the Patron Groups names still appeared in English:

      And that is not going to be appreciated by Arabic users.

      However, Patron Groups Descriptions appear in Arabic, not only in RTL but also in LTR (English):

      Then, after I made the Patron Groups Names in Arabic as well:

      The Arabic Users Module showed Patron Groups Names in Arabic as desired:

      However, the Arabic Patron Groups names appeared in Arabic while in English UI also, which is for sure not going to be appreciated by users and staff who are not of Arabic culture:

      Now you can see how important to enable FOLIO in supporting Multilingual Policies Names and Descriptions, Arabic policies names for Arabic and English policies names for English users, in a multi pollutant library environment.


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