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Create requests for newly ordered items automatically from the POL



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    • This can be done manually by navigating to the item record immediately after the order is placed. The ranking reflects that this allows room for error and a less than ideal workflow.
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      Allow users to add enough request information to the order to generate a request on the item being ordered when the order is opened. This way patrons can be notified that the item they requested has been ordered and follow it's progress.

      Note: proposed by Duke (Julie Brannon, Erin Nettifee)

      Use cases:

      In scope

      • Allow user creating order to toggle a "Create request" action if the requester field is populate by a User ID.
      • If "Create request" is true than orders app will automatically place a request on the first item record created on behalf of the requester when the Order transitions to Open.
      • In order to create request the system must have a requester user id and Pickup service point in POL
      • If not making a request the system should allow free text in the requester filed.
      • Pickup service point and requester user id is ONLY required if "Create request" equals 'true'.


      • It seems we may need to add an option for the Fulfillment preference after all?
      • Regarding Hold vs. Recall can an assumption actually be made here or would it need to be a setting?
      • Another use case: alerting a user to a newly-available, ordered eBook, which does not have an item record. Is there a way to create a patron request for that? Should that perhaps be a separate feature?


      See proposed mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SpOvkcoQLuI0P0tpf_Le-924gKtTYzPM?usp=sharing

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