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Item status: Permissions to change item status based on resulting item status



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      FOLIO allows some item status changes to take place on the item record (as opposed to processes in other apps). This feature creates separate permissions for changing item status based on what the user is changing the item status to.

      Restrictions on changing item status from item record (regardless of permissions):

      • Can't change item status from Checked out, Declared lost, Claimed returned, Aged to lost, or On order
      • Can't change item status to Checked out, Declared lost, Claimed returned, Aged to lost, Awaiting pickup, or Awaiting delivery

      Some of these permissions already exist, based on what item status changes are allowed from the item record:

      • Permission to mark an item missing
      • Permission to mark an item withdrawn
      • UXPROD-2699 includes permissions for the included statuses there

      Adding additional permissions to change the item status to some value does not make sense until the interface allows some user to do so, so this is blocked until UXPROD-1731 is completed.

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