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Be able to create, delete, display, output tags to individual records within apps



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      For v1, users should be able to create new tags, assign pre-existing tags, or delete tags from a record in an app. Allow for autosuggest/type ahead when a user is assigning a tag to a record. Behind the scenes, tags would be tracked in only one master tag list across an entire FOLIO implementation, not separate tag lists per app.

      A few comments from Jakub: do tags live in the individual records or in a central list?
      o If stored in each record, then might not need a central list
      o Central list built from what’s in the individual tags; mostly used for autocomplete.
      o Store in record for v1 perhaps, vs store/manage centrally.
      o Biggest implications are reporting and faceting.

      Include tags as data elements available from all FOLIO apps that allow them, so that they can be output for reporting purposes (would this happen by default?) Be part of the data that the records send to the data lake.

      A few comments from Jakub: with regards to outputting for reporting: talk to Vince, since he’s doing data lake est; reporting system needs to get the tag values, not just the IDs, so needs a translation fxn

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