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Generating MARC bibliographic record from Inventory Instance - additional fields



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      This is a split of UXPROD-1397.

      While exporting into MARC format the inventory instances without the underlying MARC record in SRS we generate a simplified MARC record. The generated MARC Bib record is short lived and it is not stored in SRS and will be created each time when inventory instance needs to be represented in MARC Bib form.

      The generated record will be base on the mapping provided by Metadata Management SIG: Instance to MARC 2019 tab in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11lGBiPoetHuC3u-onVVLN4Mj5KtVHqJaQe4RqCxgGzo/edit#gid=1166940623
      The spreadsheet is a base for mapping rules that are referenced each time MARC bib record is generated. The mapping rules are library specific and each library can have just one mapping rules set (stored in rules.json file). E*ach library should be able to tweak the rules according to their needs. For this feature the modification of the mapping rules is supported by API calls. * - outside the scope

      This feature covers generating simplified MARC bib record for following inventory instance fields:

      • Identifiers (Invalid ISBN, Invalid ISSN, Linking ISSN, Other Standard Identifiers, Publisher or Distributor Numbers, Cancelled GPO Item Number)
      • Languages
      • Classifications
      • Alternate title
      • Edition
      • Publication frequency
      • Publication range
      • Public notes

      Since generating MARC records on the fly will be used also in other areas (oai-pmh and z39.50) the code will be exposed in shared library.

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