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Execute order duplicate check when opening POL



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    • Seemingly low priority for the community and there are ways to filters orders and manually check for duplications.
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      Check for other POLs related to identical title(s) associated with pending or open orders. If found warn the user that this may be a duplicate order.

      Use cases:

      • Librarian is ordering an additional copy of a specific title and does not realize that someone else has already order a second copy
      • Librarian is ordering another copy of a title and does not remember that they began an order weeks ago that was never opened
      • Ordering a copy of a title and did not realize you've already ordered it
      • Ordering a copy of a title that has already been ordered by one of our other libraries (Multi-tenant)
      • Librarian requires the system to do a duplicate check so the librarian does not have to do a preorder search. This would search the orders and inventory records.
      • When ordering an eBook generally orders can not be canceled and thus it is more important to find duplicates. In this case, institutions rely on preorder search functionality to prevent duplication
      • Ordering ebook version of a title and duplicate check comes back positive. Ordering librarian needs to dismiss the check because what they own is the print version not the e version.

      Questions for users:

      • Do we need to have the ability to disable this check?
        • Some libraries MAY want to disable it if they often order duplicates. Other will just want to be able to easily dismiss the warning.
      • How is this complicated by multi-library implementation?
      • Should certain order types/formats etc be excluded from the check?
        • No
      • Does this need to be done when Opening order as well? If so, can it only be done when opening order?
        • Yes, doing the check when opening the order will satisfy the requirement. Preventing duplicates from being ordered
      • What about resources that do not have POLs?
        • Check must include inventory records, agreements, eHoldings
      • What if this is being ordered through an API?
        • Ideally the check is run and the API can return an error code to represent that. However, it would not block the creation of the order unless supported by that third-party. Orders that are created would be flagged as possible duplicates for user review.

      Note: Need to define how a duplicate is identified and what records are considered

      • Records: order line, instance, agreement line, 'agreement resources', eHoldings
      • Data points: Main title, Product ID(s)


      • Check for matching POLs/instances based on title and product id information
      • If found, display records (POL etc.) to user and ask them to confirm before opening PO
      • Allow for this check to be disabled in settings

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