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Job profile - editing,viewing and deleting using Settings pages



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    • Backend work is already done - this will allow to close the UI functionality for editing, deleting and copying the job profile
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      This is a split from UXPROD-2154.

      The role of the job profile in the data export is to apply functionality of the mapping profile (that contains required data manipulation) with a specific data set that the user wants to export. Currently editing, viewing and deleting job profiles is only supported via API calls and will need to be included as part of the data export Settings pages.

      Viewing existing job
      The user will be able to select the existing job profile and see the details that include: information about when by whom the profile was created/updated, the associated mapping profile and the description.
      Edit existing job profile
      If there is not existing job execution associated with the job profile - user will be able to edit all elements but if the job profile was already used to trigger job export then user will be forced to create a new record by duplicating it.
      Duplicate the job profile
      While duplicating the job profile, user will be get the form that will be pre-populated with details of the job that is being duplicated.
      Delete the job profile
      From the UI user will be able to delete only the job profiles that don't have associated export.

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