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Holdings record. Holdings statements notes. Public and Staff only.



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      Overview: When migrating data there is a need for University Chicago, Cornell, Duke and other libraries to have the possibility to mark holdings statement notes either as public notes or non public. As these notes are repeatable in MARC, then the requirement is to have these holdings statements notes in the holdings being repeatable. Having the statements notes being repeatable will make the mapping for Data Import and Data Export easier.

      As a cataloger/technical staff I need to be able to distinct between holdings statements notes which data which is to be viewed only by staff (non public) or to be be displayed in e.g. the Discovery, or populated in ILL systems, so these holdings statements notes are to be marked as public notes.

      UX-mock ups to be discussed with the MM-SIG 6/25/2020:

      1. Inventory holdings record:
        • When adding a holdings statement in the edit view of the holdings record, the holding statement row have 3 data element boxes:
          • holdings statement
          • public note
          • staff note
        • The two note types are both repeatable
      2. Data import mapping
        • incoming MARC records with holdings statements notes: If there are multiple $x or $z in an one incoming 866/67/68 field, these will be migrated as separate data elements for each $x and each $z. The display in Inventory will be aligned with the display in a potential underlying MARC holdings record in SRS.
      3. Data export of MARC formated holdings records
        • then the mapping out will also be having each staff note data element to be mapped into separate $x and each public note data element to be mapped into separate $z.

      At meeting 6/25/2020 the MM-SIG decided not to follow the general UX for notes as implemented for instance notes, holdings notes, and item notes.

      NOTE (from abreaux) This has relevance for Data Import, Data Export, and Data Migration since the schema change will affect how data is mapped from incoming MARC Holdings, mapped to outgoing MARC holdings created on-the-fly, and existing holdings data that is being migrated into FOLIO. Data import and Data export will probably be dealing with this in Q4 2020. Not sure about the timing or urgency for Data migration. cc: magdaz sekjal

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