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Support loading of Delivery request fields via mod-user-import



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      Purpose: Back in Q4 2019, we introduced some new fields on the user record in support of Delivery requesting. The purpose of this story is to make it possible to populate those fields via user import.

      User story:
      As a library admin
      I want to be able to populate Request preference, Fulfillment preference and Default delivery address via user import
      So I can populate that data based on information in my student information system


      1. Scenario
        • Given the mod-user-import
        • Then it should be possible to load Default service point
          • Possible values = All service points where pickup location = yes
          • Optional
      2. Scenario
        • Given the mod-user-import
        • Then it should be possible to load Request preference
          • Two possible values: Hold shelf and Delivery
          • Hold shelf should always be "yes"
            • This is because all patrons should be able to make requests and pick them up on the hold shelf
            • We have disabled this checkbox in the UI because it is not intended that it ever be set to "no"
          • Delivery can be "yes" or "no"
      3. Scenario
        • Given the mod-user-import
        • When Request preference has Delivery = "yes"
        • Then it should be possible to specify Default delivery address
          • Contains all address types for which an address has been specified in the user record
          • Required if Delivery = "yes"

      Additional information:

      • These fields were added to the User record as part of UIU-1155

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