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Add related invoice(s) as hotlinks to Encumbrance transaction



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      Overview: When an invoice is created that relates to an encumbrance transaction it will move money to awaiting payment. The transaction should identify what invoices have contributed to its awaiting payment values. Because the transaction's source will be the POL there is no way to identify what invoices related to the awaiting payment value in a transaction.

      Note: RM SIG discussion (May 1, 2020) revealed that we must commit money on approval at the very least, so awaiting payment values are accurate. Also, Transactions must have links to invoice(s) that contribute to awaiting payment value and this will be created as separate feature. Finally, for some institutions waiting until "Approved" to commit is later than desired so a separate feature will be created to capture work allowing a pending invoice state so Open invoice values can be committed.

      Use cases:
      Librarian is looking at a Fund to determine why there is money awaiting payment and what invoices need to be resolved before year end to clear this amount. Looking in transactions and filtering for encumbrance/awaiting payment they should easily be able to identify the invoices/orders in question


      • Display related invoices on encumbrance transaction(s)
      • Make invoice ID a hyperlink to the invoice
      • Could be multiple invoices related to encumbrance and all should appear

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