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Customizable search preferences



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      Problem: Search and filter contains a lot of detail in many different applications. Users will tend to use applications differently and having global or app settings for search preferences mean that many users are constantly adjusting filters.

      Use cases:

      • Librarian is creating orders and receiving against those orders. When looking at orders they will want to focus on orders that are assigned to them and ready to receive.
      • Librarian is creating invoices and managing orders. This user will want to focus on invoices they have created that are open or paid so they can ask for approvals and close orders.
      • Librarian that is approving invoices will want to focus on orders that have been reviewed


      • User can select the default search filter configuration for a given search area
      • User search preferences are saved and reloaded when they return to the search area
      • User can a update search preferences

      Could this be implemented in a Stripes component? User preferences will need to be save to an account meaning UXPROD-1398 will need to be finished before this can be implemented. One suggestion would be to build this as an add-on for the search component.
      Is a search history of for example 10 entries per search box that is presented as a drop-down menu the user can pick from sufficient?

      Allow users to set search preferences for each search area in folio and save them to their user account.

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