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Metadata Export - Mapping Profile - support transformations for Inventory Instances - records on the fly



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      Implementing this feature will eliminate need for UXPROD-1396, will cover most of the work related to UXPROD-142 and export to non-MARC format that is currently covered by UXPROD-2224, UXPROD-2225, UXPROD-977)
      Implementing this feature will eliminate need for UXPROD-1396 , will cover most of the work related to UXPROD-142 and export to non-MARC format that is currently covered by UXPROD-2224 , UXPROD-2225 , UXPROD-977 )
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      This is split of UXPROD-2153

      In Q2 we support transformation only for selected holdings and items fields with the whole instance record being always a part of the export. This feature will allow user to determine which fields from the inventory records should be included in the export.

      The user needs to have a flexibility in determining the fields and their transformations in setting up their export in MARC format. The inventory fields for instances, holdings and items will provide the data that will populate MARC fields as specified by the user in the mapping profile transformations. If the transformation is not provided but the field is selected then for the inventory instance record the default mapping profile (used also for generating MARC records on the fly) will map the inventory instance fields to MARC. If the filed is not a part of the mapping, then it will be ignored during the export. The overview of the specific scenarios: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dMYG1CGwIteskagS1gYcq640gxQU4eif/edit#gid=1340790654

      The priority of adding the support for the instance, holdings and item fields is determined according to the MM SIG Data Export subgroup provided feedback and represented in: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XvHmToGQwhzmMNlQ5-l1QTEDyUtDpdn_/edit#gid=1869895650

      The library can set up multiple mapping profiles. The mapping profile will be associated with the export through the job profile and the same mapping profile can be associated with multiple job profiles.

      The high level flow will be as follows:

      1. The user provides the list of instance UUIDs to be included in the export
      2. While triggering the export, the user selects the job profile that is associated with a mapping profile.
      3. The mapping profile specifies which FOLIO record types will be included in the export.
      4. The transformations specify which fields should be included and their MARC target fields

      Metadata Export Subgroup use cases: https://wiki.folio.org/display/MM/Export+Use+Cases?src=contextnavpagetreemode.
      Link to the mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qUP38ooZ_ZqW9RNH-53j65sZv6jSiZhx

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