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OAI-PMH: Harvest Inventory for inventory instance records without underlying SRS records



    • Including records that are not present in SRS could be handled by RTAC
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      The existing OAI-PMH implementation retrieves MARC bib records from SRS only. If the inventory instance does not have underlying SRS MARC record, it will not be harvested and not discoverable in the discovery layer. The purpose of this feature is to provide a mechanism of generating MARC bib records on the fly so that they can be included in the harvesting. The records will be short-lived, not stored in SRS and only available during the harvest.

      The current implementation can be a desired behavior for items that circulate (laptops, umbrellas) and can be retrieve by RTAC but don't need to be discoverable. However, harvesting inventory records without underlying SRS records will permit Item records that are On order to be discoverable as well. Also, libraries that do not intend use MARC format will be able to have their collections available in the discovery layer.

      To preserve harvesting from SRS only and give the user the option to include harvesting from inventory, SRS or both sources the records_source parameter will need to be added to OAI-PMH settings:

      • If records_source=”FOLIO" Instance records with FOLIO source are harvested and all records are generated on the fly
      • If records_source=”MARC” Instance records are retrieved from SRS - as currently implemented
      • If records source=”MARC and FOLIO”
        • All Instance records that exist in SRS (Metadata source = MARC) are retrieved from SRS
        • If Instance records without underlying SRS record (Metadata source = FOLIO) are retrieved from Inventory and generated on the fly.


      Additional information:
      Shared library for generating MARC records on the fly: https://github.com/folio-org/generate-marc-utils

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