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Create, manage and apply Invoice templates - DRAFT



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    • Michigan State ranks this R3 if it is not possible to have the invoice details (Acquisitions unit, etc.) pulled directly from the selected order line. We would much prefer the invoice be pre-populated for us to using a template.
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      Purpose: Allow the administrator to create invoice templates that will speed up the creation of invoices and limit the possibility of input errors.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • There is a permission for creating invoice templates in invoice settings
        • In a template the admin can define a default for all field values
          • Template should cover both Invoice and Invoice line
      • Admin can view update and delete templates in invoice settings
      • Admin can associate templates with specific Teams
      • When creating an invoice users can select a template
        • When selected the template will fill in fields and adjust fields as defined by the template
        • User only sees templates assign to their teams and general templates in dropdown (Dependent on teams feature)

      Out of scope:

        • High value add - admin can set additional fields as required (May need be split out)
        • High value add - admin can set which fields are editable by the user (May need be split out)
        • Ability to hide invoice fields that are not required in the template (May need be split out)

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