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Allow for the display of piece information on Holding records in inventory



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    • FE now includes changes in 3 different modules so this could be very large. BE also involves a lot of logic in different areas to update the way order handles location.
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      Problem: Some pieces are received with no items in inventory to represent them. In this case there is no indication that those materials have been received in any other application. This information may be important for discovery, managing inventory and other workflows.

      Note: this feature will include an update to the interaction logic between orders and inventory regarding Holdings. Receiving pieces to a new location can in some cases result in unwanted Holdings being created. When the perm location of a Holding is change it may need to update expected pieces such that they can be received to the correct location.

      Use cases:

      1. Print Journals (Only Physical Pieces) are checked-in for a periodical and the system is not set to create items to represent them. The librarian might be waiting to bind those things until they have enough pieces to bind and creating items may require them to be deleted once bound. The librarian wants these pieces to show in discovery as expected and ultimately as received until 1 item is created to represent them. These items would live on the self and be available for use even though there is no item record. These many be for circulation or for internal use.
        • When the librarian receives these pieces they might add a public note when they indicate they want them piece to display publicly
      2. Patron comes to reference desk because they can't find something. Librarian wants to confirm it has been received, identify what bound volume it is included (If it has been bound yet) in and find out where that bound volume or loose issue is in the library. These librarian often will not be accessing the ILS system and Acquisitions data as they may not have creds/perms/training.
      3. Patron wants to confirm a material has been received, identify what bound volume it is included (If it has been bound yet) in and find out where that bound volume or loose issue is in the library.
      4. For some legal materials (Integrated materials) there will never be an item representing the piece being received. It may be a pocket part etc. and librarians will still need to be able to identify whether it has been received or not. This information is also displayed in discovery
      5. Librarian my reference the receipt date as a means of troubleshooting why nothing has been received recently.
      6. Patron wants to see info for a particular title. Item may have been created for piece but holding with provide additional information about what makes up that item. Eg. Current years version of chapter two has been received and added to it.


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