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Support for the Delete action during Data Import



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    • Postponing deletes until they are better defined for all of the record types, especially instances
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      Split from UXPROD-2209

      See UXPROD-3517 for deleting MARC Authority records via an action in the MARC Authorities app. This is powered via a hidden BE job profile. Since users cannot delete by importing a file yet, all delete-related profile, action, and log info is suppressed from the UI.

      Refining actions and field mappings once the basics are in place:

      • Should a delete action require a job profile (right now that's a requirement before an action profile can be attached to a job profile)
      • Should FOLIO accept a csv list of identifiers (UUID/HRID) to delete? Will need match profile and which FOLIO record type in action profile
      • Need to coordinate with the deletion of related Inventory records
      • Add Delete option (once delete is finalized for all SRS, Inventory, and Acq records
        • SRS MARC Bibs
        • SRS MARC Holdings
        • SRS MARC Authorities
        • Inventory instances
        • Inventory holdings
        • Inventory items
        • Inventory authorities
        • Invoice and invoice lines (probably not needed, since the open invoice can be deleted from the Invoice app)
        • Purchase order and purchase order lines

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