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Remaining Job and Match profile refinements



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      Split 2 portions that will not be finished in Q3 2020 to separate features:

      • UXPROD-2741: Import of MARC Bibs to create/update multiple holdings and items
      • UXPROD-2742: MARC-MARC matching

      In Q1 2020, most work completed on UXPROD-2208. A few refinements remain, which will have been split to this feature Remaining Job and Match profile refinements, UXPROD-2338

      Captures the remaining work for Job and Match profiles; remaining stories moved from UXPROD-2077

      General topics covered:

      • Job profiles
        • Ensure action profile cannot be added to a job profile unless it has a linked field mapping profile
        • Load MARC Bibs to create/update various record types, but do not store the MARC record
      • Match profiles
        • MARC-MARC matching details
        • EDIFACT invoice matching details
        • Normalize ISBNs for matching
        • Differentiate [blank] vs [any] indicator matching options via asterisk
        • Possibly add option for blank as well as space to mean blank indicator?

      NOTE: Discussion with the Data Import subgroup: we can wait until post-MVP for a way to create a profile on-the-fly on the "choose jobs" screen. For now, assume all profiles are created in settings. See Slack convo in the comments below.

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