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Export landing page - canceling long running jobs



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      When the export job starts, the Running jobs component shows details of the job until it is completed and displayed in the completed job logs. For larger jobs that will take take longer to complete we will need to give the user the option to cancel it.

      While the jobs run in order to give the user a visual representation of the current progress, the progress bar should be displayed showing the percentage of completed job.

      Out of scope
      Pausing and resuming jobs (covered in UXPROD-4309)

      Mockup attached.

      Additional information: During the meeting with Data Export MM SIG subgroup on August 27, 2020, it was discussed how should we log the details of records counts (exported and errors) when the job gets cancelled or paused. It was proposed that for the cancelled jobs the status should be Cancelled, for paused should be Paused. The record and error count should reflect the status of the export when the cancellation or pausing of the job occurred.

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