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Export Manager - logs details



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    • This feature will allow user to see the details of the data export job and is crucial for troubleshooting
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      There are three elements of this functionality:

      1. Landing page - Logs container
      This functionality has been mostly implemented but will need to support a scenario when the export generates multiple files, with each file name being a link to the generated file. When user clicks each file name the files are downloaded.

      2. View All option
      This will display a new form that will contain list of all jobs. How long the logs are being preserved will be determined by tenant level settings. The jobs will be searchable by ID, generated file name, date of execution, job profile and name of the user who triggered the job.

      3. Detailed log
      This will be accessible by clicking the whole row of listed jobs on the landing page (for recently completed jobs) and View All form. The log will contain a list of all records that were exported (successful and failed) in their designated format. User should be able to filter by successful/failed records. Failure should be displayed in with details (missing or invalid data, for example). The initial implementation could be similar (if not identical) with data import detail log (see attached screenshot)

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