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Part 2 - Export Library Accounting vouchers (Create Batch and Upload to ftp)



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      Note: This work was split from UXPROD-916 as all work relating to generating and uploading batch vouchers to an ftp server could not be completed in Q1 2020. Also scheduled creation of vouchers has been split and moved to Q3 see UXPROD-2417

      Previous description
      Overview: Financial summaries of approved invoices that can be sent to the external accounting system for payment.

      "Invoice Control report: gather financial data in total for all of the invoices approved the day before"

      Proposed approach:
      Each invoice will generate a voucher summary when approved.
      This summary will summarize the necessary transactions outlined in the invoice by external account number associated with each Fund code.
      IF "Export to accounting" toggle on invoice equals true the associated voucher will be sent for export via the institutions configured integration
      Integrations may include FTP services, API connections etc. (these possibilities will need to be investigated and prioritized)

      • Mod-invoice will communicate with Edge-voucher which will allow for the authentication of external systems that require voucher information.

      Electronic Feed: sending by vendor, by invoice, by account number to university financial system to be paid (batch job)"

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