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Value management through transactions Part 3 - Fixes and committing/encumbering money for approved invoices



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      Note: this was split from UXPROD-2167 as work was not able to be completed in Q4. It was identified that approved invoices for which there was no encumbrance would not have their value removed from Funds until they are marked as paid. To correct this Money will be counted as "awaiting payment" when the invoice has been approved. This feature will also account for any updates that need to be made to calculating totals. This will also cover releasing encumbrances when invoices are approved and applying exchange rates to transactions when invoice amounts are reported in foreign currencies.

      Previous description:
      Problem: As users are creating orders and invoices that result in encumbrances and vouchers money needs to be move from allocated to expended in the appropriate funds.

      Overview: There will be 4 types of transaction, payment, credit, allocation and transfer. These will allow users to manage money in a folio fund structure. Payments and credits will be the result of paying/processing invoices and will not be manually created by users. Allocations and transfers will be manually created by users. They will allow users to add or remove money from Funds throughout the fiscal year without need a PO or Invoice created. A list of transaction will be maintained for all budgets in each fiscal year. allowing transparency at a very granular level regarding what money is being spent on and the current state of a particular Funds budget.

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