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Check-in and Receiving updates and fixes



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      Note: This work relates to UXPROD-1547 but is considered additional functionality.

      Overview: Updating Orders and Receiving and Check-in functionality such that users are able to order and receive packages of items. Meaning they are able to receive more than one title for a given POL. Also, that they are able to order specific titles in single POLs but relate them back to Package POL, such that those titles can be received/identified as part of a package.

      Will include updates to PO and POL as well as changes to Receiving and Check-in. Will include schema updates to POL and potentially other records in acquisitions in order to provide more detail in Ongoing orders and package orders.

      Acceptance criteria will include:

      • Ability to link Title POL to a Package POL
      • Ability to Create instance as part of receiving rather than just link to an existing instance

      (Out of Scope) Maybe break into 2 features in the future:
      1. From one POL, being able to act on inventory containers at point of receiving
      2. ability to create Container Record in inventory for this package and link to POL
      3. ability to link order to package in ERM/eholdings

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