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MARC Field Mapping Profiles Details for Updating SRS MARC Bib records



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      Not a lot completed in Q2 2020, so spilling over to Q3 2020 (previously split from Q1-2020 UXPROD-2075)

      Also parking the stories for Mapping Inventory Holdings & Items from MARC holdings on this feature, plus the decorator components for checkbox, date picker, repeatable field, and dropdown list that were not finished in Q1 2020

      Includes the backend work needed to actually do the SRS MARC updates (in addition to powering the UI work described below)

      Help the user set mapping rules and profiles for dealing with incoming batch loads for MARC records:

      • MARC Bib modifications before saving the records to SRS
      • MARC field protections settings screen
      • MARC Bib updates mapping to allow for
        • Individual field updates instead of complete overlay
        • Overriding locally protected fields for specific imports
      • Add field on MARC field mapping profiles to indicate if this is update or modification

      MARC modifications overview: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_WJ_RNhxnkHcIK_zvXxNKVW4qRwjG0kXaagA519S46w/edit#slide=id.p1
      MARC field protections settings overview:
      MARC updates overview:

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