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Future Fees/Fines: Allow DefaultFee/Fine Owner to be set when Location's Primary Service Point is not associated with a Fee/Fine Owner



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      When overdue fines are billed there is a Fee/Fine Owner associated with the fine. This is "who" will get the overdue fine when it is paid. This is set via Settings>Users>Fee/Fine: Owners. When the overdue fine is billed, the Effective Location for the overdue item is used to find the Primary Service Point (in the Tenant settings), then the Primary Service Point is used to find the Fee/Fine Owner in the Fee/Fine Owners table. Here is a sample Fee/Fine Owners table:

      But what if the overdue item has a location that has a Primary Service Point that is not associated with a Fee/Fine Owner? Perhaps someone forgot to add it? Or it is new? Currently the overdue fine would simply not be billed. Per the RA SIG we want to change this to force an institution to specify a Default Fee/Fine Owner that would be the Fee/Fine Owner to use in cases where the Primary Service Point has not been associated with a Fee/Fine Owner. This could be the main library for the institution, or it could be an admin office that does not normally collect fees/fines. It is up to the institution to decide. Here are two mock-ups of the new Fee/Fine Owners page, one is edit mode and one is view mode:

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