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Inventory and Union Catalogue interaction. Tenant defined instance, holdings, and item source codes



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      As a library maintaining the majority of it's bibliographic records in their union catalog and then one-way synchronizing the changes into inventory, Chalmers would like to lock the editing of these records in Inventory in the same way that is currently done when adding the "MARC" source string. With one exception: Since there is no underlying MARC record stored in SRS, those mechanisms should be removed. The German libraries has exactly the same set up, and the BNCF environment too.

      See slidedeck, discussed at WOLFcon (1/24/2020): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-XLcl-WZwhs16h7PiMfOPdzUuCOahmb5FOlqQly6ceI/edit#slide=id.p and
      DRAFT Document describing the requirements - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jr77FGuUtqZJHPxVWLXiI9FMe4xMIL-5KOxUhzSfQM0/edit#heading=h.o9cw17b2u3ww

      Here list of new source types:

      Library network List of source codes
      Chalmers LIBRIS (National Union Catalog in Sweden)
      GBV K10plus
      SWB K10plus
      hbz hbz-Verbundkatalog
      BVB B3Kat
      BNCF TBD (SBNWEB, TD1987, TD2003, MAGDIG
      Hebis hebis
      TBD Sudoc (National Union Catalog in France)

      A future extension to this functionality would be to have a source link to the source record so that it could be reached or presented in the ui.

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