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Export Inventory Instances to MARCXML format with UTF-8 encodings



    • Use OAI-PMH
    • Not Scheduled
    • Large < 10 days
    • XXL < 30 days
    • Low
    • XXXL: 30-45 days
    • 20%
    • Depends on number and types of formats to support.
    • Firebird
    • 90
    • Splitting the original feature into each format type to help prioritize the remaining work
    • R3
    • R4
    • R2
    • R3
    • R4
    • R2
    • R4
    • R5


      Current situation or problem:
      The existing data export implementation supports exports only in MARC binary format but the libraries often require export in MARCXML format that is currently not supported.

      In scope

      • Records identified for export can be exported in MARCXML format
      • If the record has underlying SRS record that record will be used for export, otherwise the simplified MARC bib record will be created based on the standard FOLIO mapping rules for data export
      • Users should be able to enrich the exported MARC bib record with holdings and items data using custom mapping profile
      • File generated by export are exported with .xml extension
      • Existing functionality for .mrc exports is not affected

      Links to additional info
      MARCXML standard

      The other export formats have been covered by separate features:

      Export profiles:


      1. Will the existing mapping rules need to be adjusted and will they depend on the source format?
      2. What record types should be included:
        1. Instances
        2. Holdings/items
        3. Instances/Holdings/items
        4. Authority?
      3. Should Quick export (directly from Inventory) be supported as well?

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