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Export Inventory Instances to MARCXML format with UTF-8 encodings



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    • Depends on number and types of formats to support.
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    • Splitting the original feature into each format type to help prioritize the remaining work
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      Inventory instance records will need to be exported into the MARCXML format. The behavior will be identical with the current implementation of the MARC21 format.

      When the record has underlying SRS record then this record will be used as a base for the record export. If the SRS underlying record is not present then the record will be generated on the fly following default mapping rules as defined for MARC21.

      When this feature is completed, the user will be able to export inventory instances in MARCXML format the same way it is currently possible to MARC21

      The other export formats have been covered by separate features:

      Data manipulation (included fields, mappings) is a part of the Metadata Export Mapping Profile (UXPROD-2153) Combining instance data with holdings and items is a part of the Metadata Export Job Profile (UXPROD-2154)

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