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Clarify UI for real-time and batch/scheduled patron notices



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      Clarification provided in documentation, but this workaround would still leave the door open for possible configurations that do not work well together.
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      Notices can be sent in batch at a configured time period (typically overnight during off peak hours), at the end of a check-in or check-out session or at the (exact) time defined by the policy. We've been calling the last alternative "real-time" but that term has proven confusing to some users. It's been further complicated by the implementation of allowing FOLIO operators to include multiple loans/items on a notice template. Multiple loans/items cannot be included when a notice is sent in real time. Multiple loans/items and real-time sending options are mutually exclusive and yet they are defined in two different places. Multiple loans/item is included in a notice template and real-time is a option within the notice policy.

      The following spreadsheet shows a long term plan for which notices need to be implemented to include multiple loans/item and which notices will need to be sent in real-time - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I8i1IUbuDz9XgBgSZ8xXmFymIQ9_R-Gc63I8RndEWiI/edit?usp=sharing.

      An example of notices that might be sent both real-time and in batch depending on the loan type - short term or long term. For a long-term loan (days, weeks or months), notices would include multiple loans/items and sent during off-peak hours. For a short-term loan (minutely or hourly), notices would be sent in real time.

      Proposed Implementations:

      • Replace the "real-time" checkbox with options (exact wording still to be fleshed out) that would be dependent on type of triggering event. For example, due date/time (used for courtesy and overdue notices) would allow a user to select either "real-time (multiple loans not included)" and "scheduled batch (with multiple loans)" for a field labeled "Process as." A check in or check out triggering event would not allow a user to select either of these options because they will always be processed by session and multiple loans/item would be included.
      • MOVED to UXPROD-2461 Notice templates that include multiple loans/items and use real-time should fail gracefully. The loop should just loop through the single loan/item.
      • MOVED to UXPROD-2461 Notice templates that include a single loan/item and are set to process in batch should also fail gracefully. We could either send individual notices for each loan in the queue and/or notify the library (FOLIO admin) that there's a potential configuration error. The risk in sending individual notices is that if a patron has 100 loans, they would receive 100 individual notices.

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