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Improvements to anonymized loans



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      Current situation or problem:

      • Once a loan has been anonymized, users cannot view it in the interface unless they have an existing link
        • Existing links have the borrower's user ID
      • Tenants can configure anonymization to happen when the item is checked in, but also configure check in receipts to be sent for items - can anonymization in that case be delayed until after check in receipt has happened?
      • The anonymize loans button on a user's closed loans requires no confirmation, and users may accidentally click it and delete data

      In scope

      • View anonymized loans in interface
        • display non-anonymized information about borrower (patron group)
        • remove borrower's user ID from URL (for all loans, not just anonymized ones)
      • send check in receipts before loans are anonymized, and anonymize them as scheduled after
      • warn users before anonymizing loans manually

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • Following link from circulation log

      Proposed solution/stories

      Links to additional info


      • What is current status of check in receipts vs. anonymization? Is anonymization delayed until after check in receipts are sent, delayed indefinitely, or neither?

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