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Bring Action Profiles to life: next work



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      Closed for Q1 2020; Delete stories moved to UXPROD-2350

      Rolled forward the remaining stories from Q4 2019's UXPROD-2074

      • By the end of Q1, action profiles should allow for Create SRS MARC, Instances, Holdings, and Items
      • By the end of Q2, action profiles should allow for SRS and Inventory Updates (modify, combine, replace), possibly including MARC Holdings and Authorities
      • By the end of Q3, action profiles should allow for CRUD for orders and invoices, including MARC Holdings and Authorities, if not done in Q2

      Finish the last bits of UI for action profiles, plus set up all of the infrastructure so that the profiles can create, modify, replace, combine, and delete records in various apps.

      Help the user set rules and profiles for dealing with incoming batch loads:

      • what type of incoming file
      • what FOLIO apps/record types should be affected (Inventory, MARCcat, Source Record Storage, Orders, and Invoices, to start)
      • what actions to take on those records
      • using what data mappings
      • allow actions to be saved as profiles or created on the fly

      See https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1IN2t0T838HtHytNctdugQN0nL8_KSJ-PzysQxSyZ1Hc/edit for a schematic

      Per Oleksii, for now may be hard coded for mapping profile, then replaced with the variable mapping profiles once those are ready (UXPROD-2075)

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