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Remaining Job and Match profile work, part 3



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      In Q1 2020, most work completed. A few refinements remain, which will be split to Remaining Job and Match profile refinements, UXPROD-2338

      Captures the remaining work for Job and Match profiles; remaining stories moved from UXPROD-2077

      By the end of this work, we should be able to
      1) Match against various types of Inventory records (and hopefully MARC records)
      2) Create SRS MARC, Instances, Holdings, and Items

      • SRS and Inventory Updates will be addressed in Q2
      • Orders/Invoice matching, create, update will be addressed in Q3

      General topics covered:

      • Job profiles
        • Final details of assembling job profiles
        • Deleting
        • Exporting
        • Linking match and action profiles to job profiles
      • Match profiles
        • Final details of defining match profiles
        • Delete
        • Export
        • Related job profile header actions
        • Linking to job profiles
      • UI buildout
        • Finish assign jobs screen (allow for assigning existing profiles or creating new ones)

      NOTE: Discussion with the Data Import subgroup: we can wait until post-MVP for a way to create a profile on-the-fly on the "choose jobs" screen. For now, assume all profiles are created in settings. See Slack convo in the comments below.

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