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Agree the correct behaviour for links and navigation between apps



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      Note: this is relevant for links between any apps, not just Agreements and should be aligned with any other work on cross-app navigation.

      In ERM linking between apps is very common. When previewing an agreement or a license the user is able to view records in other apps by selecting a hyperlink. The below screenshot shows two user cards displayed in the Agreement preview. Selecting one of the links (i.e. the user name) opens a preview of the user's details, in the Users app.

      There are issues with the way the movement between the apps via links is implemented currently.

      1. Behaviour is inconsistent, as can be seen in the attached screencast.

      When selecting a link to a User the user's details are displayed in a full-width pane.

      When selecting links to other apps, the record's details are displayed in the search and sort UI with the preview pane opened on the right-hand side. Sometimes records are listed in the search results pane (either with or without the current record highlighted), sometimes there are no records listed in the search results pane. The latter approach always gives focus to the Search and FIlter pane - to meet accessibility requirements focus should be given to the record preview. Can this be changed?

      2. Navigating back to the original Agreement record has some issues. Using the browser back button means that users loses his/her place in the agreement because all the accordions are collapsed. Selecting the Agreements app icon in the horizontal navigation menu has the same effect.

      How could we manage cross-linking better? Could we make it easier for the user to return to the original record? When returning to the original agreement record can we retain his/her place on screen/state of the preview? Should we open links to other apps in a new browser tab? Should there be a breadcrumb trail?

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