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Call Number Accordion on Item Record



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      This was split off of UXPROD-1626 (Implement effective logic for call number in Holdings record and inherited to Item records) as it was not completed in Q4 2019, as planned.

      The scope of this feature is to:

      • Create an Accordion on the item record so to display the call number data from the holding, the call number data specified at the item level and the Effective call number string (<EffectivePrefix> <EffectiveCallNumber> <EffectiveSuffix> <Volume> <Enumeration> <Chronology> <EffectiveCopy> (until we have EffectiveCopy, we are using the ItemCopy).
      • This accordion is similar to the Location accordion on the item record which also displays the data from the Holding so you can better understand where the Effective location came from

      There are a number of data elements that exist on both the holding and item record in inventory:

      For these elements, the item record should inherit the data from the holding record unless something different has been specified in the item record. This resulting "effective" data is, then, the data that actually matters for the item.

      Stories Needed:

      • Call number accordion on Item record - UIIN-860
      • UIIN-903 Display effective call number type on item record

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