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Store Effective Call Number Type



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      This was split off of UXPROD-1626 (Implement effective logic for call number in Holdings record and inherited to Item records) as it was not completed in Q4 2019, as planned. (Effective) call number type is required for sorting by call number (UXPROD-2174).

      There are a number of data elements that exist on both the holding and item record in inventory:

      • Call number type - In scope for this feature
      • Call number prefix - Completed in Q4 2019 UXPROD-1626
      • Call number - Completed in Q4 2019 UXPROD-1626
      • Call number suffix - Completed in Q4 2019 UXPROD-1626
      • Copy number - UXPROD-2170

      For these elements, the item record should inherit the data from the holding record unless something different has been specified in the item record. This resulting "effective" data is, then, the data that actually matters for the item. This data needs to be stored, as opposed to being calculated on the fly if:
      1. It will be used for searching
      2. It will be used for sorting
      3. It needs to be available in reporting

      The scope of this feature is to store Effective call number type. Please note that:

      • Effective call number type number is not needed for Call number searching (which will act on Effective prefix, Effective call number and Effective suffix only see UIIN-858)
      • Effective copy number is not needed for Call number sorting (which will act on Effective call number only see UXPROD-2002) at least initially. Eventually we may want to allow for different sorting rules depending on the call number type, but that is down the road.
      • Effective call number type is not displayed in what we are calling the "Effective call number string" which is the assembled call number that displays throughout FOLIO (e.g. at the top of the item record, in the Request record, the Loan record etc). The Effective call number string is: <EffectivePrefix> <EffectiveCallNumber> <EffectiveSuffix> <Volume> <Enumeration> <Chronology> <EffectiveCopy> (until we have EffectiveCopy, we are using the ItemCopy).
      • The main reason for storing this data in the item record at this point would be so that it is easily available for external reporting and also for consistency with the other data elements that exist on both the holding and item records.

      Stories Needed:

      • Provide effective call number type for requests and loans - Not sure this is actually needed as call number type wasn't seen as important to display as part of the Effective call number string in Circulation
      • Display effective call number type on item record - UIIN-903 CB: This will have to be part of the call number accordion feature, as we don't have that accordion yet.
      • Store effective call number type on item record - MODINVSTOR-361

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