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Metadata Export - Job Profile



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    • Required configuration details for the export when using mapping profile
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      The job profile associates export job with the mapping profile, determine the destination of the file. One job profile can be associated with only one mapping profile but the mapping profile can be associated with multiple job profiles.
      The user will set the job profile as a part of the data export settings and once set up the user will select the profile for before the export starts.

      The implementation includes also a default job profile that is associated with a default mapping profile. Selecting this profile will export inventory instances in MARC format. The export will include MARC Bib records for those instances that have underlying MARC records, and simplified MARC Bib generated on the fly for those records that do not have underlying SRS records. Through the data export settings pages user will be able so see existing job profiles and set up a new one. Viewing,editing and deleting of the job profiles will be available via API calls.

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