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Metadata Export - Mapping Profile - instance, holdings and items to MARC Bib record



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    • Needed for including holdings and items data with MARC bib records- a functionality required by Round II libraries
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      The mapping profile is required for combining elements of the inventory instance record, with some additional fields (for example locations and call numbers) that are part of the inventory holdings and items records while exporting data in MARC bib record. This is a common scenario when exporting data for integration with discovery services for example.

      The mappings that are called transformations in the data export mapping profile will allow the user to append selected fields from holdings and items records to the existing MARC bib record. The transformation contain information which inventory field should be appended and what MARC field should populated with the data.

      The library can set up multiple mapping profiles. The mapping profile will be associated with the export job through job profile. Each job profile can be associated with one mapping profile; each export job can be associated with one job profile.

      In its first implementation mapping profile supports following field transformations:

      Holdings Item
      Holdings - Permanent location Items - Effective call number
      Holdings - Temporary location Items - Effective location
      Holdings - Call number - prefix Items - Electronic access - Link text
      Holdings - Call number Items - Electronic access - URI
      Holdings - Call number - suffix Items - Material types
      Holdings - Electronic access - Link text
      Holdings - Electronic access - URI
      Holdings - Permanent location
      Holdings - Temporary location

      The whole inventory instance record is included in all exports. If the instance has underlying MARC record stored in SRS, that record will be used during the export. If there the instance doesn't have an underlying record then simplified MARC Bib record is created (UXPROD-1397)

      The high level flow is following:

      1. The user provides a list of instance UUIDs to be included in the export
      2. The mapping profile specifies which inventory records (holdings or item) will be appended to the instance record
      3. The transformations in the mapping profile specify which fields should populate MARC fields in the exported records

      Metadata Export Subgroup use cases: https://wiki.folio.org/display/MM/Export+Use+Cases?src=contextnavpagetreemode. It is also requested by many Round II libraries.

      Link to the mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qUP38ooZ_ZqW9RNH-53j65sZv6jSiZhx

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