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New triggers for overdue then recalled, and recalled and overdue



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      Current situation or problem:

      • Overdue and recall triggers are both available as separated triggers now in FOLIO. This feature would support two new types of combined triggers in order to allow administrators to define a separate or different notice template for overdue loaned items that are then recalled by another patron or recalled items that are also overdue. This is needed because different language and policies are applied for these loans in order to express the urgency and inflated fee/fines since another patron is waiting for the item.

      Proposed solution/stories:

      • Two scenarios need to be supported so it'll be two new triggers:
        • Loan/item is first overdue, and then it is recalled – considered a special recall notice (would be sent once upon recall)
        • An item is recalled and overdue – considered a type of overdue notice (would be sent one times or more as reminder notices)
      • Stories:
        • BE story for storage for each of the two new triggers
        • BE story for processing/logic for each of the two new triggers
        • BE story to stop "regular" overdue notices when an item is overdue and it's recalled (if that trigger is being used)
        • FE story to add new trigger to notice policy for each of the two new triggers

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