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Import single record from OCLC - 06 - Move OCLC holdings to new record and overlay existing record



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      Old text. To be reviewed and updated:

      • In this demo, we have a provisional bib record for a title on one OCLC number.
      • I search in Connexion by ISBN and find that there are two records for this title. The first in the list is a record with better description than the one we have in our system, and I want to use it
      • I open the OCLC record that currently has our holdings attached to it ("Held by SNN - 4 other holdings" at the top of the pane) and I remove our holdings
      • I close the record and open the record that I want to use. I copy the OCLC number out of the record in Connexion, and paste it into our record in Aleph. I save the Aleph record and override some harmless system warnings. This way, when I export the record from Connexion, it will find the record in Aleph and overlay it. I want to do this because there is an item record and an order in Aleph and I want them all to be on the same bib. If I did not replace the 035 in Aleph, the Connexion export would not match the current bib, and it would create a new record (and holdings/item, depending on what parameters I put into the 949)
      • I delete the current holding from Aleph (ignore this - I'm just doing this because I don't want to cut and paste the call number into the holdings after I export the record)
      • I return to the record in Connexion, set our holdings on it, modify the 049 to SNNA because this is a book for our art library, and I leave the 949$a blank so that it does not create an item
      • I export the record and see that it matched the bib, added a new holdings and skiped the item record creation
      • I return to Aleph and refresh, showing the new description in the bib record and the new holdings number (with call number)
      • I open the item record and link it to the new holdings record, and then navigate back to the main cataloging screen to see that everything is aligned

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