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MARC Bib Field Mapping Profiles Details for Inventory records



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      Most work finished in Q2 2020. Moving the item status updating and logic to a separate Q3 2020 feature UXPROD-2550

      Help the user set mapping rules and profiles for dealing with incoming batch loads:

      • find data elements in fields of incoming MARC Bibliographic file
      • map to data elements of appropriate FOLIO Inventory, Acquisitions, MARCcat, and Source Record Storage records
      • Allow for sequential mapping (first look in this field for data, then in this field)
      • Allow for defaults
      • Allow for blanking out data in existing FOLIO fields
      • Allow for mappings to be created and saved as data mapping profiles, or to be created on the fly
      • Apply the rules to parse the incoming data and deliver to the appropriate FOLIO loader apps, to CRUD the proper kinds of records

      See https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1IN2t0T838HtHytNctdugQN0nL8_KSJ-PzysQxSyZ1Hc/edit for a schematic

      See the Syntax and Field Types tabs of https://drive.google.com/open?id=17kCccovBR-RAVK-coW7fpXvJfaRmYA2mUHoVLSF9Spo for field mapping syntax details

      Split: See separate features for Field mapping profile details for MARC SRS records (UXPROD-2286) and Field mapping profile details for Order, Invoice records (UXPROD-2282)

      From taras_tkachenko - see if there's a way to validate before saving the profile (or changes to the profile), in case any syntax errors or anything that looks like it will cause an issue - a button to test or validate the profile, perhaps using some stub data?

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