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Bring Action Profiles to life: prep work



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      Finish the last bits of UI for action profiles, plus set up all of the infrastructure so that the profiles can create, modify, replace, combine, and delete records in various apps.

      Help the user set rules and profiles for dealing with incoming batch loads:

      • what type of incoming file
      • what FOLIO apps/record types should be affected (Inventory, MARCcat, Source Record Storage, Orders, and Invoices, to start)
      • what actions to take on those records
      • using what data mappings
      • allow actions to be saved as profiles or created on the fly

      See https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1IN2t0T838HtHytNctdugQN0nL8_KSJ-PzysQxSyZ1Hc/edit for a schematic

      Split from UXPROD-1379, which accomplished most of the UI work in Q3 2019. This is now mostly backend work to enable the various actions for the various FOLIO record types

      Q4 2019 Planning notes:

      • Need to do this in a centralized way, and not hard code for each action; otherwise will need more and more handlers for each record type; better to have a central engine to perform actions
      • Also would need to have completed MODPUBSUB if creating actions in each app
      • But if do central, can do it in parallel with PUBSUB
      • A-M to add umbrella for MODDATAIMP-201-205, plus a POC
        • e.g. MODDATIMP Converter Engine
      • UI: associator component & search & pick plugin; should be small – after the work being done in this current sprint

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