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Export Manager - data export landing page



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    • This feature will combine all elements of data export - and it will be a place where user will be starting manual exports and scheduling reoccurring
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      In Export Manager, the user will start a new job by selecting the .csv file with unique identifiers of the records to be exported. The files can be browsed on the user's local system or be dragged and dropped to start a new job.

      On the landing page the user will be able to see see the list of the running jobs and the logs of recently completed jobs.

      The records that will be a part of the export will be determined by selecting previously defined query (UXPROD-978) or by providing a file with a list of record identifiers that can be also be saved from the Inventory search.

      The list of all jobs currently in progress,will provide details like export job id, used job profile, who ran the job, etc,

      The log in addition to information listed in current job listing, will specify if the export was successful. For the successful runs it will contain the link to the file so the user can download the file to the local machine. This will be possible only for the smaller export files.

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