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Associate courses with Instructors (previously "Taught by")



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      This feature was split out of UX-PROD 622 for development purposes but describes functionality originally contained in that feature.

      The original spec's terminology referred to this functionality as "Taught by". This has been changed to "Instructors" as of the 9/3/19 SIG meeting.

      The following describes this feature:

      Assumptions - Instructors
      A Course can have no, one, or many entries in the ‘Instructors’ accordion
      All entries in the “Instructors” section will have a User Record in the User App
      User name will be searchable in Discovery Layer

      Story | Description
      Library patrons often search by a course teacher’s name to identify the course for which they need to find the list of reserved items

      Library staff associate professors or instuctors of a specific course for the purposes of managing the course material. Staff often need to pull reports of all items that a professor has put on reserve limited by course, or term.

      To add an entry to the “Instructors” section users will enter the user barcode or enter a user name into a “scan barcode or enter user name” search box and select an “Enter” button. A search result box will appear from which the correct user can be selected.

      Once a “Instructors” user is selected the User name, Barcode, and Patron Group will display.
      Each added user can be removed from the course by selecting the trash can icon.
      Instructors -
      List of Users that teach the course (repeatable)
      Displays User name, Barcode, and Patron Group
      Can be one, many or none
      Allows staff to look up users and add to “Instructors”
      Each added user can be deleted by selecting the trash can icon.

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