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Loans: renewal failures and overrides



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    • Increased rank on this due to behavior when aged to lost - can be problematic if system calculates a due date that is in the past.
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      Current situation or problem:
      FOLIO does not allow for override of every renewal failure. Sometimes, it does not show all the reasons why a circ staff member would consider the user has failed (system may quit checking for reasons after it finds reason X, e.g.)

      Known failures that do not have overrides:

      • allow override when the renewal fails because of a hold request
      • allow override when renewal fails b/c there is no calendar

      Known condition that does not result in failure

      • fail renewals that do not extend the due date into future

      In scope

      • Implement logic that will allow the user to tell when multiple characteristics of a loan prevent renewal (see additional information below)
      • Display these reasons in a way that prevents redundancy
      • Allow override for all renewal failures except if the item status claimed returned
      • Fail renewals that do not extend the due date into the future

      Out of scope

      • fail renewal/allow override for a loan where the user is inactive- part of UXPROD-2244

      Use case(s)

      Proposed solution/stories

      Links to additional info

      • Renewal failure reasons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VURB4XjPl8q6oJFPPI6IO-SCFTHK7afa5GE0wa480uI/edit#gid=71672988
        • Some renewal failure reasons are redundant with each other (i.e., if a loan is not loanable, then it is is also not renewable) or cannot co-occur unless something's very goofy with the loan policy.
          • Spreadsheet is broken up into "failure categories", and each "failure category" has at least one column. You can get multiple things from one column (a renewal could fail for all reasons in that column), but can only select from one column in each category (because the columns are mutually exclusive). You can select from all five categories.
        • Some renewal failure reasons can co-occur. A renewal could fail with reasons from all of the categories listed on the spreadsheet - it would be unusual, but possible
        • Different renewal failures lead to different kinds of overrides. If a renewal fails for multiple reasons that have different kinds of overrides, a reason that does not allow an override (e.g., the item status claimed returned) "wins" over a reason that requires a date picker, and a reason that requires a date picker "wins" over a reason that can calculate the due date.


      • Does that spreadsheet cover all the renewal failure reasons? Is there a list of checks FOLIO is doing?
        • E.g., FOLIO will fail renewal if there is no calendar timetable, but that was never explicitly stated in JIRA - are there other checks like that?

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