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Future Fees/Fines: Add item lookup by title to charge manual fee/fine



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      This UXPROD issue was created on August 20, 2019, but the MODINV issue was created almost a year ago, on August 27, 2018...

      Charge New Manual Fee/Fine needs to have a title lookup that operates in a similar manner to the barcode lookup. The returned elements will be the same (as expanded in MODINV-70). The difference will be that a title lookup may be for a partial title or a full title that has more than one result. If there is more than one result, we would like to have the results presented in a list for us to select the title we want to have the results for. The title selected will populate the fields on the New Fee/Fine page.

      The title and barcode lookup will both be used in other places within Resource Access apps. Holly asked the other product owners to provide examples of how they will use the title lookup. Tania provided a Requests example which is attached, along with the Fees/Fines example.

      Note: Core: Platform team needs to complete MODINV-74 first, then UNAM will have some work to do on the New Fee/Fine page.

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