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Implement Normalized Call Number for Sorting (LoC Parsing Only)



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      Raw LC call number data does not sort well. The purpose of this feature is to generate and store a machine-sortable call number for the purposes of sorting lists such as Loans and Fees/fines. The machine sortable call number will also be available for inclusion in reports (both in-FOLIO and external to FOLIO). The scope of this feature is implementing Library of Congress parsing to all FOLIO call numbers. Call number display and sort in the FOLIO UI is out of scope. Separate feature(s) will also be written as needed to cover type-based parsing (e.g. Dewey parsing for Dewey call numbers etc).

      Per discussion with the Call number sub-group, the machine sortable call number will be based on the <Effective call number> data element on the item record. We will leverage Tod Olsen's SolrMarc code for generating the machine sortable call number.

      Call number searching, both with and without punctuation & spacing, is addressed in a separate feature UXPROD-1655.


      Call Number Sub-group membership:

      • Laura Wright (leader)
      • Charlotte Whitt
      • Christie Thomas
      • Felix or Martina
      • Andrea Loigman?
      • Lisa McColl
      • David Bottorff
      • Darcy Branchini
      • Cate Boerema

      CB: I drafted a document which covers how call number is working today which may be a good starting point for discussion: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FMl-_oNR6k-wVDQrZeMT_V9-ZDDaZBzdiipx0OQii9E/edit

      NOTE (for those who may be looking) Agreed upon format for Call number string = <EffectiveCallNumberPrefix> <EffectiveCallNumber> <EffectiveCallNumberSuffix> <Volume> <Enumeration> <Chronology> <EffectiveCopy> <ItemCopy> (ideally we'd have <EffectiveCopy>, but that hasn't been implemented yet (see UXPROD-2170)

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