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Title Level Requests - Light - evaluate request queue on item's check-in



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      When the item is checked in we should check if there are any unfilled requests associated with other items within the same instance. If they are the existing request should be associated with the newly returned item.
      For example, an instance has two copies, both of them are checked out.

      • itemA due 8/19/2019
      • itemB due 8/24/2019

      When the title level request is created it is associated with the item that has the earliest due date, so in this scenario it would be associated with itemA
      ItemB is returned on 8/17/2019 and the requests is resigned from itemA to itemB The due date for the itemA is restored to its original date if there are no other requests pending.

      Implementation of this feature will require tenant level flag that would enable/disable this functionality. Once enabled, manual queue manipulation (reordering and moving requests) will not be available to users. Enabling request reordering and moving requests while Title Level Requests - Light is enabled is a part of UXPROD-2311

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