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Create/Renew orders in FOLIO from EBSCONET



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      Overview: Establishing an integration with EBSCONET to manage ordering and renewals via an API integration. This will limit errors and save users time in managing order renewals with EBSCONET.

      Order Requirements:

      • Ability to identify materials as renewing
      • Ability to maintain order number from year to year for ongoing orders
      • Ability to be able to continue to receive and invoice against ongoing orders year over year
      • Ability to capture start date and period for renewable material being ordered
      • Ability to capture Title number and vendor order number to explicitly identify material being ordered
      • Ability to add or remove material from ongoing orders year over year as some may not always renew
      • Ability to observe in the UI the most recent date the order was renewed.
      • Update the renewal date upon renewing the order

      Out of scope:

      • Automated claiming workflow


      • Build API integration through edge-orders that will route JSON file to a mod-EBSCONET module in FOLIO for mapping EBSCONET order data into FOLIO order data
      • Create MODEBSCONET module for retrieving UUIDs etc. for EBSCONET data and prepping data to be sent to mod orders
      • Communicating EBSCONET order data to mod-orders for order creation/editing
      • Returning Order number(s) and response EBSCONET system

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